Saturday, March 27, 2010

Two days into the Journey!

We are tired but happy tonight after two days of traveling and enjoying!  Tonight we are in Wilcox, Arizona, population very small.  But it was in the right place on the trip and the Days Inn is nice and the Mexican Restaurant was superb.  Yesterday we got a late start from home and arrived in Mesa, AZ, during the rush hour.  Jody and Renata quickly picked us up and we enjoyed the evening with them, beginning with dinner at Famous Dave's Smokey Barbeque Restaurant.  Here's a picture Renata snapped with her phone at dinner.  Cute, huh?

Here are some pictures from the desert between 29 Palms and Phoenix.  First the salt mine about 20 miles east of 29 Palms with a whirlwind kicking up.
And another one of the salt mine

The highway that is long and straight except for this one crook because of the California aquaduct

A mountain along the roadside in western Arizona between the border and Phoenix

Today we enjoyed more time and a great breakfast with Jody before leaving Mesa.  Then we traveled south and east on I-10, stopping first at Casa Grande for a few minutes.  Then on through Tucson and down to Tombstone.  We were disappointed with Tombstone because it is so totally commercialized.  It was also much colder than we expected and had dressed for.  We did however spend over an hour there and saw all there was to see before coming on over to Wilcox.

Here is a giant Saguaro cactus at the Casa Grande Outlet Mall

Driving on the two lane interstate highway, we were so thankful for the beautiful wildflowers which were so abundant just after we passed  Rooster Cogburn's Ostrich Farm

And the wildflowers grew right into the cholla cactus garden

Another intersting sight was Picacho Peak.  We could see it for many miles and it looked like this:

and when we got beside it, it looked like this

Here are all the pictures from Tombstone that we took.

And finally, the Apache ten commandments on a poster that I took a picture of.  I love these:

Remember, you can double click on any of these pictures and enlarge them for a better look.  That's all for today, folks.

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