Wednesday, March 31, 2010

20 Miles from Louisiana

It's our last night in Texas.  The past two days have been so much fun!  Yesterday we got to San Antonio pretty early but we needed some down time.  We stayed at the Marriott, I sat in the hot tub for a long time and we had a nice dinner at the Texas Roadhouse and went to bed early so we could get an early start today.  Before arriving in San Antonio we stopped in Kerrville, Texas, where I had been told one of the very best quilt shops anywhere is located.  I was told correctly.  I spent two hours there and more money than I'll mention here.  I got to see and fondle all the latest fabrics and patterns and I even bought some fabric with Texas blue bonnets on it.  Along the drive both yesterday and today we saw lots of blue bonnets along the road.  Some patches looked as if they had been deliberately planted.  They're much prettier than I realized.

We were up early this morning and exploring San Antonio.  First we went to the Alamo.   We had been told to not expect much but we were delighted with it.  We found it very historical and well preserved.  We got there ahead of most of the crowds so maybe that was the secret.  Here are some pictures.

You can see actual bullet holes in the stone of the archway around this door.

After leaving the Alamo, we walked the entire River Walk.  We really didn't know what to expect.  I really half expected it to be like River Street in Savannah - lined with shops and totally commercial.  It wasn't!  There were some shops and restaurants but mostly just a walk along the river.  My only problem was the quantity of stairs in several places.  But the walk was wonderful and so scenic.  Here are a few pictures from that.

This duck posed for me
A tile scene on the wall along side the river
A picture of the door of one of the shops.  Gorgeous!

In the afternoon we had a barbeque lunch and hit the road for Houston.  Along the way the wildflowers were the most marvelous yet, but I was sleepy and didn't get any pictures.  We went through Houston during rush hour and that wasn't much fun.  It is really a big city and very interesting.  On the east side of the city we even saw boats where the ocean comes up to the city.  We kept on going because we had made reservations at this new Holiday Inn in a small town east of Beaumont.  The name of it is Vidor, TX.  All we can see is that the interstate highway is under major construction and all the roads are torn up.  Thehotel is brand new and great.  The people are friendly.  We had great steak fajitas at a local Mexican restaurant and are ready to call it a day.  Tomorrow Baton Rouge and New Orleans are on the agenda.  We still plan to make Gainesville, Florida, by Saturday night.  We'll be ready for a couple of days of nothing by then and it will be good to spend time with Donna and David.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Sonora, 400 miles into Texas

We had a fantastic day today traveling through the deserts and hill country of Texas.  Saw lots and lots of cactus, cowpies, and oil pumps in the middle of nowhere.  The speed limit on the interstate here is 80 and it is easy to understand - there is nothing to slow you down.  Of course we slowed down, stopped and messed around a lot.  There were mostly very small towns or just a gas station off the interstate.  Van Horn had a little more, but not much.  The road was interesting, though.  We stopped at Ozona to see the Davy Crockett statue and park.  That was interesting, though the town seemed about dried up.  Just before Sonoma we veered off to see the Somoma Caverns.  That was a let down.  One cannot see the caverns at all from above ground.  The only way to see them is on a guided two hours, 2 mile tour.  We both knew we couldn't make two miles of ups and downs through caves so we left.  I just wish I could have at least stuck my head into them.  On to Sonoma which turned out to be truly delightful.  First things first, we had not eaten since breakfast so we had dinner at a local steak house.  We had the absolutely best ribeye steaks we've ever had.  They were large, fork tender and very flavorful.  My vegetables were also steamed to perfection.  Joe wants to go back for steak and eggs in the morning.  It was that good.  Then we drove around this little town and found it to be very historic.  There are dozens of very old large antebellum type houses and lots of memorials to founders.  We stopped at one little store that we could only describe as a local mini version of WalMart.  It was stuffed with everything imaginable.

Here are some pictures from the road:

for many miles the road was black on one lane and white on the other!

Finally, if you know me well you know my quilter's brain is always working.  These last two pictures I took inside the ladies room of a rest stop because of the beautiful tile work and because they are a quilt and a quilt border waiting to happen.

That's all for tonight.  The hotel internet connections have been slow and it is late.  More tomorrow night from San Antonio.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

El Paso, Texas

Today was a real adventure.  We crossed the continental divide and the Rio Grande River, and drove through as much of New Mexico as we are going to.  Yesterday we noticed pecan trees around Tombstone, Arizona, and thought that odd.  Today we saw large pecan orchards all over the place in New Mexico.  We stopped in Bowie, NM, site of Fort Bowie where Geronimo was captured and held.  While there we visited a pecan shop and purchased shelled pecans.  They are so very moist and delicious.  There were train tracks following the highway all through New Mexico and we think a lot of pecans must be shipped out that way. 

After we left Las Cruces this afternoon we saw some of the largest beef feed lots we have ever seen in our lives.  There were thousands of cattle on lot after lot!

Coming into El Paso we crossed the Rio Grande again and could see Juarez, Mexico to the south.  Joe was tired today and almost nothing was open because it is Sunday so we checked into the hotel early and he took a nap.  I checked into WalMart for some forgotten toiletries and some salad fixins for dinner.  Tomorrow we start on the long journey across Texas.  There are no pictures today.  Most of the interesting things were on the highway as we were cruising and were difficult to photograph.  We've now lost two hours since we left home.  So we only have one more time zone to go!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Two days into the Journey!

We are tired but happy tonight after two days of traveling and enjoying!  Tonight we are in Wilcox, Arizona, population very small.  But it was in the right place on the trip and the Days Inn is nice and the Mexican Restaurant was superb.  Yesterday we got a late start from home and arrived in Mesa, AZ, during the rush hour.  Jody and Renata quickly picked us up and we enjoyed the evening with them, beginning with dinner at Famous Dave's Smokey Barbeque Restaurant.  Here's a picture Renata snapped with her phone at dinner.  Cute, huh?

Here are some pictures from the desert between 29 Palms and Phoenix.  First the salt mine about 20 miles east of 29 Palms with a whirlwind kicking up.
And another one of the salt mine

The highway that is long and straight except for this one crook because of the California aquaduct

A mountain along the roadside in western Arizona between the border and Phoenix

Today we enjoyed more time and a great breakfast with Jody before leaving Mesa.  Then we traveled south and east on I-10, stopping first at Casa Grande for a few minutes.  Then on through Tucson and down to Tombstone.  We were disappointed with Tombstone because it is so totally commercialized.  It was also much colder than we expected and had dressed for.  We did however spend over an hour there and saw all there was to see before coming on over to Wilcox.

Here is a giant Saguaro cactus at the Casa Grande Outlet Mall

Driving on the two lane interstate highway, we were so thankful for the beautiful wildflowers which were so abundant just after we passed  Rooster Cogburn's Ostrich Farm

And the wildflowers grew right into the cholla cactus garden

Another intersting sight was Picacho Peak.  We could see it for many miles and it looked like this:

and when we got beside it, it looked like this

Here are all the pictures from Tombstone that we took.

And finally, the Apache ten commandments on a poster that I took a picture of.  I love these:

Remember, you can double click on any of these pictures and enlarge them for a better look.  That's all for today, folks.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Two Days to Go!

Yes, we are so very excited.  Joe was ready to go on Monday.  We are both counting the hours now.  We have almost everything ready.  Today is a beauty shop day for me and then I'll be ready.  We spent time yesterday pouring over maps again.  We've pretty much layed out the entire trip now.  We plan to return through states in which we've never traveled.  We've made hotel reservations through San Antonio, TX for the first leg of the trip.

Here are my latest two quilting projects.  Now the machine is covered and resting for six weeks.  This table runner is the one Joe likes so well.  The pattern is just a star pattern that is the current block exchange for my guild.  I made 3 of them, put them together and added triangles on the ends (which you can't see in the picture). 

This picture is of a cute little laptop case I just made. It is two French floral fabrics which I quilted first, and then designed and made the case to fit my new laptop. It will be going on the trip with us.

Yes, it is too late for any requests for quilted items.  However, if you make your wishlists and give them to me when you see me, Santa might remember you if you're really good. 

Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Banner Day!

It's the first day of Spring.
It's Joe's 65th Birthday.
It's National Quilting Day.
It's the first day of Turkey Season in Georgia.

Wow, I'm sure it is probably some other day of note, but that is enough to celebrate today. So far Joe has enjoyed a nice breakfast and received a haircut. He asked for very short and I gave him very short. It's much too short to suit me, but he likes it so I guess it's okay. He's received numerous cards and well wishes and a gift of two new shirts from me. We'll be going out for dinner.

The weather is glorious! We keep reading and seeing on TV about snow in the Denver and Santa Fe and Missouri, and a cold front heading for as far south as northern Florida, and we know why we love the desert so much. (Ya'll remind us of this in August when it's 118 in the shade and the electric bill is $500.)

Phil, I know you've already been turkey hunting. You'd better be calling later and reporting in. Joe is all ready to go when we get there. He enjoyed his conversation with you last night. I think he dreamed of turkeys.

And as I said, it IS national quilting day, so I just have to go spend a few hours in my sewing room now. A couple of projects have to be finished so I can put the hard-working machine to rest for several weeks. She and I will miss each other terribly while I'm on the road.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Seven Days and Counting!

We leave in one week! The timing is perfect and we are so excited. This weekend we will begin pulling things together and checking our lists. A discovery I made yesterday makes the trip even more exciting for me. We had planned to go through Paducah, Kentucky, on the way back because it is the home of the National Quilt Museum and also one of the biggest and best quilt stores in the country. Yesterday I found out that when we will be there is also when the big, big American Quilters Society annual quilt show is happening. This is the show that quilters dream of attending. I immediately made reservations at a hotel as close as I could find and started gathering information about the show. This is really big! This is a dream come true! This is the show where the best quilts in the world are on display and where there are $120,000 in cash prizes given out. Can you imagine the inspiration? I just hope I have time to see them all.

Meanwhile, here in the desert one day away from the official beginning of spring, the weather has been gorgeous all week. It is warm but not hot. The fruitless mulberry trees are going from buds to leaves overnight. Everything in greening up very quickly. We've a little wind this morning but it only supposed to last half the day. Gives me time to quilt some before the urge to get outside.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Top O' the Morning, Lads and Lassies

Happy Saint Patrick's Day to ya! Hope you are wearing your green and planning your corned beef dinner. Don't forget the green beer.

Have you adjusted to Daylight Saving Time yet? I still haven't - adjusted that is. At least my sleep pattern hasn't. I can't seem to get to sleep that hour early and I don't wake up that hour early yet. I'm trying to meet the challenge. We are surely enjoying that extra hour of daylight after dinner though.

It is supposed to be 80 here today! Looks like spring really will be here on Saturday, right along with Joe's big 65th birthday. Of all things, Saturday is also National Quilting Day. I have lots of reasons to celebrate the day. All the trees are budding out, the Ocotillo is blooming with bright orange flowers atop its spiney green stalks, the doves are loving on each other and building nests, and it is wonderful to be outside and enjoy Mother Nature at its best.

Inside, yesterday I went through two more dresser drawers and eliminated about 12 pairs of capris and 10 shirts that were either too tight or barely fitting last summer and are all hanging off me now. They're all in a bag for Angel View thrift store. No more fat lady sizes for me ever again!! Not that I'm thin by any stretch - I'm just not plus sizes anymore! Then I did a little sewing - almost finished the top of a table runner to be my gift for my friendship group birthday party in May. Joe really likes it and wants me to make one like it for us. Only thing is, there was only one yard of fabric and I used it all. I'm sure I will find something similar in this vast stash of mine.

Joe is off to Yucca Valley and trap shooting this morning. It is a great day for it and he enjoys it so much. I'm glad it is available for him. I'll be off the Yucca this afternoon for a few errands.

I made this quilt for the man we call Grandpa a few weeks ago. He is our best friend and one who is always in his garage building something or re-doing something. His wife was the closest thing to a mother I had in my adult years and my dearest friend. I'm going to drop this off to him today. I just know he will love it.

Monday, March 15, 2010

A Beautiful High Desert Day!

The temperature climbed to 85 in Palm Desert today. It didn't get that warm here, but we were there and it was beautiful. The entire drive there and back was beautiful - wildflowers are blooming on the sides of the road, green grass and weeds are coming up and the flowers the Mexican gardeners set out in Palm Desert are gorgeous. I saw my otolaryngologist who said my sinuses are looking great. He is such a great doctor. He also said the bronchitis I've had is not viral and prescribed more antibiotics. I'll be over it soon! Even sick, I've been happy and had a great attitude and found positive things every day (like the great corned beef on Saturday). I've just been mad at myself for holding up the trip. I have been able to get lots of extra sewing done, though. Yesterday I finished up a quilt top I had started in a mystery class last month. I went back to the quilt shop today with it to pick out some fabric for the borders. The instructor was there and she loved my setting. I had not liked the quilt the entire time I worked on it, but when I put it together I suddenly loved it and so does Joe. It is ice blue and chocolate brown. Then to another shop to get some green fabric for another project already in progress. In between I've made some blocks for exchange and many other little things. I really am happiest at my sewing machine creating something.

Joe and I really enjoyed the day today. The strawberries we got at Sam's Club are as big as kiwi fruit. I ate half of a package on the drive home. They're so ripe and sweet and juicy. And they have the best rotisserie chickens. That is what we had for dinner when we got home.

We both think we will be more ready for the trip this time. We keep thinking of things we need to do and things to pack and making more lists. It will be so good to head out and stop when we want to and just enjoy every little thing. We are also looking forward to seeing everyone and hoping we won't be a pain in the butt for anyone. I don't think we will be in any one place long enough for that to happen though.

Received our census forms today. Now what if we'd been on the trip already? How much time do they give you to fill them out and mail them in? They ask for information on people living in your house as of April 1. Can we fill it now or do we have to wait until April 1? Just musing to myself. After all the hype and media I've seen about this, there really are only 10 simple questions to answer.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

A Tiny Bit Better ??

At least I am hopeful that I will feel better. The codeine in the cough syrup caused a fitful night's sleep for me, but I believe I am getting slightly better. I have sewed a little bit (because I can't sit still and do nothing) and got my nails done today. Oh, and I also posted a couple of messages on facebook just to bug one of my friends. Joe and I went to the supermarket early this morning to get corned beef because it was the first day they had it available and on sale. We got four packages and put three in the freezer. One is still cooking with the on sale cabbages and we are having it for dinner in a few minutes. It smells divine!
See this picture. Look at it closely and you will see guns along with cowboy boots and other items from the old west. It is a pillowcase I made today for my favorite gunslinger. I couldn't believe I actually found fabric with guns on it! The fabric on the cuff is of old badges. It is a Buffalo Bill fabric line and I've some fabric left to go in a quilt. You know that when I saw it I had to have it for Joe. I also wanted to test out the instructions for the 20-minute pillowcase and it came out perfect and done in 20 minutes. My quilt guild is going to make lots of these in bright colorful fabrics for the charities we support. They are quick, easy, fun and will cheer up a lot of invalids. I have lots of fabric to donate to the cause.
Surely wish we were in Arizona tonight at the end of day two of our trip. But I see the need for more rest and recuperation and in two weeks we'll be there.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Bronchitis Still Winning

Back to the doctor yesterday! Saw my regular family doctor this time - an internal medicine specialist of whom I am not very fond. I haven't liked her very much since she came aboard the base. Don't know why, just don't. Probably has something to do with the fact that she let my ear infection go untreated back in October and it resulted in a burst eardrum. Anyway, she said she has orders for Kuwait this summer and I couldn't be happier for her. She says the bronchitis is probably viral and will most likely last another week or more. She did prescribe Cough syrup with codeine and that is helping the cough, and some more drugs to help the symptoms. I am feeling discouraged to say the least. I'm still wheezing and feeling very tired and out of sorts. I WILL get over this! We WILL take this trip in two weeks!

Since I am stuck here for two more weeks I want to sew but am too tired to concentrate. Some of my friends both here and online finally convinced me to purchase EQ6, a computer program that lets one design one's quilts using over 4700 different block patterns and with the ability to even scan in your own fabrics for designing purposes. It arrived yesterday and I installed it. It looks good, but involves learning. In my drug-induced stupor, I finally managed to get through the first lesson and it looks pretty easy and fun. I already designed one quilt that I want to make (red, yellow and orange of course).

I am totally convinced that the greatest gift God ever gave me is my dear husband Joe. He has taken such good care of me. When I am weak and tired and don't feel like doing anything, I don't have to. He does it all without my asking and without complaining. I don't know what I'd ever do without him.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Still Sick but Planning

Ick! I'm still very sick. This is not good. The wheezing and rattling are still there. At least the sun is shining today. Yesterday the wind tried to blow us away. It is still blowing a little today, but not nearly so badly. I suspect it is hitting Arizona pretty badly today. Hope Jody and Renata are anchored down. Joe has gone to the range to shoot trap. Whether he actually shoots or not remains to be seen. I haven't done much but sit around and cough and try to sleep and cough and drink more water and cough and, just cough.

We have now decided to try to leave on March 26th, so everything will be two weeks behind our original plans. I plan on feeling great by then and enjoying every moment of this much anticipated trip. It should be warmer by then but still not too hot to enjoy the trip. We still hope to be able to spend time with all our friends and relatives, but ya'll will have to follow this blog to see where we are and what our anticipated schedule is. Sorry, but as you can now understand, we just can't put exact dates on where we will be when. We never know when we may require an extra day or two of rest along the way and we want to be able to do that if necessary.

Interesting quilting tidbit for today: If you have stayed in any hotels in the last couple of years you've probably noticed they are tending to make the beds with duvets and a colorful narrow strip of fabric across the end of the bed instead of a full bedspread. I just received a new quilting book yesterday on making bed runners. That is what they are calling these strips of fabric for putting across the end of the bed. They are approximately 30" deep and as wide as the bedding. The book has ten beautiful patterns and I may try a couple someday soon.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention, I heard from my only nephew last week. (My father only had two grandchildren, Jody and Barry.) Barry and his beautiful wife Laura, who live in Charlotte, had announced at Christmas that they are expecting their first baby in July. Barry wrote to say it is a girl and they were wondering if I might like to make a quilt for her. Of course I responded immediately inquiring as to colors and styles desired. That will be among my first projects when we return from this trip. They want totally girly girl pink and roses! I can hardly wait to design and begin it.

On the agenda today is trying to straighten up the house a little and more rest. Joe has been so good about keeping everything up for me while I am sick. I should at least pick up things for him while he is out this morning.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Road Trip Delayed

This morning we decided to delay the road trip. If any of you have any plans, please go forth with them and don't plan around us. I am much sicker than I realized and do not want to start the trip feeling this way. Bronchitis easily goes into pneumonia if not taken care of. The last thing I want is to end up in a strange hospital somewhere. So, we are just putting it off for a week or two, depending on how quickly I get over this. After all, we are going to enjoy every minute of this much anticipated long trip. Being sick is not the way to do that. Stay tuned here for the latest developments and we'll let you know when we anticipate beginning and keep you informed as we travel.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sick Sunday

I am now officially sick. Joe said he heard my rattling in my chest and insisted he was taking me to ER on the base this afternoon. It's a good thing he did. Doc said I have bronchitis and need drugs badly. He prescribed them and the pharmacist dispensed them. Then we came back home to a wonderful prime rib roast that had been roasting in the oven. It was so good, but I'm not feeling good at all. Doc promised I'll be better in a few days.

It has been raining steadily all day long. We have a few mini-rivers in our yard. We are so glad we have a new roof, as there is not a leak in sight!

Early to bed tonight. I need rest.

Sunday, Sunday

It is going to rain any moment now. There is no sunshine except in our mind. It is really cool and it is snowing in the mountains and the snow is expected to reach down to Yucca Valley tonight. I have accepted the fact that I am really sick with this cold - much sicker than a person should be with just a cold. I stayed in most of yesterday and I started taking capsules full of Thieves Oil every three hours. I think it is helping. We are on the countdown to the big road trip and have to start organizing and getting ready.

The quilt show was a big success! Turnout was great. I enjoyed volunteering for a few hours and meeting enthusiastic people. The quilts displayed were fantastic. The vendors were okay. I only bought one yard of fabric and only because it was unusual and I haven't seen it before. This is my quilt that was in the show. The quilting on it is incredible, but it doesn't show up well in this picture. I had some nice comments on it and one lady wanted the pattern.
My sister Donna left a message on Friday saying they are home from Chile and that they were pretty much in the thick of things when the earthquake happened. I've tried to call her back but haven't reached her yet. I am glad she is home and can't wait to talk with her. I guess that is one vacation they will never ever forget. Went to bed happy last night because I got to talk with Jody for a while. He sounded good and next Friday night we get to see him. That will surely start our trip out marvelously.
Today I must work on getting well and getting ready. The lists are growing.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Beginning of 3 Busy Days

It is the beginning of another sunshine filled day here in the desert and we're going to be busy again. Tomorrow and Saturday are the days for the once every two years big quilt show in Palm Springs, featuring quilts from my quilt guild and two others in the area. This morning I will be taking my quilt down to be hung in the show, along with some of my friends' quilts. I don't expect to win any ribbons or anything. I think my quilt is beautiful, but all of the quilts displayed will be beautiful and there is so much talent in the area. I entered simply to support my guild. Tomorrow I'll be back in Palm Springs to view the show and to work at the show, and again on Saturday. It is a big fund raiser for us and I hope we do well.

Joe and I will also both pick up new glasses while we are in the area today. His prescription totally changed after his cataract surgery. I had to have non-glare added to mine. It will be nice to get them back. Of course we'll include some grocery shopping at Sam's while we are there. They have the absolute best produce around at the best price! Since we eat so differently now, we have to find the best sources for our fresh veggies and berries, and it is Sam's. The commissary is the best for our meat. We don't eat dairy or grain, so that about covers it for us. Our health thanks us for it.

Joe saw his cardiologist on Tuesday and he said he is looking good! He also found out that he only has about a year left on the batteries in his pacemaker. That means it is working really hard, but that is good. It is keeping him going!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Road Trip Coming Up

For those who are curious, this is what is happening. On Friday of next week, March 12, we are leaving on a five week road trip across this great country of ours and then back again, taking two different routes and seeing as much as we can see. We were in our 20's when we moved to Twentynine Palms and I have not driven (or ridden) back across the country since then. The Joe's have, but only twice, and both times quickly. We've decided it is time to take our time and really see the things we want to see. We'll be taking the southern most route going, with nightly stops at least every 300 miles and maybe even more frequently. When we see somewhere we want to stop and visit, we'll do that. We want to stop in Tombstone, Arizona, visit caves in New Mexico, see the Alamo in San Antonio, visit New Orleans, see the mountains in Carolina, and Tennesee, visit Paducah, Kentucky (every quilter's dream) and many more places. The fact that we get to see relatives and friends is an added bonus. Just be aware that we are not going to be long in any one place, and if we happen to miss you, please do not be offended. We do have a five week time limit and want to pack as much as possible into those five weeks. We intend to head towards to Florida first and spend a couple of days in Gainesville/Cedar Key and a couple of days in the Amelia Island area. Then it will be up to South Georgia because after all, it will be turkey season and Joe is nothing if not a hunter first and foremost. Then on through Georgia and we'll figure it out from there. We should be in Florida somewhere around the beginning of spring.

You will be able to follow us as I plan to post pictures and narratives here as we travel. That is if I get the new laptop up and running between now and then. It has Windows 7 and I have to get everything transferred to it and adjust to the new format. I'm sure I'll be okay with it.

Today the sun is shining and the skies are clear here in the desert. Jim the painter and his helper are working on the new fascia boards that were installed with the new roof. It is the only day this week that I have at home so I plan to work on the new laptop. My cold is still hanging on and kept me awake for over an hour coughing in the middle of the night last night. Why is it being so stubborn? I'm following all the recommendations of 3 different doctors and nothing is helping. Oh well, it can only last for so long, right?

Monday, March 1, 2010

Another Happy Monday at Quilt Guild

Today was a really good day even before I got to the guild meeting. My sweet brother Larry called this morning and we talked for quite a while. I can hardly wait to see him later this month. I need some little brother hugs.
The guild meeting was great! I won 14 green and white blocks in the block of the month drawing! 12 are enough to make a nice size quilt and the other two will find their way into something else.

I also showed my small quilt that I made at the guild workshop last month. It was the mystery quilt, made in one day, and then borders added, quilted and bound in another day at home. Everyone liked the colors of green and chocolate. Now I've hung it in the hallway for the month of March.
Tonight I am tired, a happy tired. I just soaked in the spa and I'm taking this cold to bed and telling it to be gone in the morning.