Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Banner Day!

It's the first day of Spring.
It's Joe's 65th Birthday.
It's National Quilting Day.
It's the first day of Turkey Season in Georgia.

Wow, I'm sure it is probably some other day of note, but that is enough to celebrate today. So far Joe has enjoyed a nice breakfast and received a haircut. He asked for very short and I gave him very short. It's much too short to suit me, but he likes it so I guess it's okay. He's received numerous cards and well wishes and a gift of two new shirts from me. We'll be going out for dinner.

The weather is glorious! We keep reading and seeing on TV about snow in the Denver and Santa Fe and Missouri, and a cold front heading for as far south as northern Florida, and we know why we love the desert so much. (Ya'll remind us of this in August when it's 118 in the shade and the electric bill is $500.)

Phil, I know you've already been turkey hunting. You'd better be calling later and reporting in. Joe is all ready to go when we get there. He enjoyed his conversation with you last night. I think he dreamed of turkeys.

And as I said, it IS national quilting day, so I just have to go spend a few hours in my sewing room now. A couple of projects have to be finished so I can put the hard-working machine to rest for several weeks. She and I will miss each other terribly while I'm on the road.

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