Monday, March 29, 2010

Sonora, 400 miles into Texas

We had a fantastic day today traveling through the deserts and hill country of Texas.  Saw lots and lots of cactus, cowpies, and oil pumps in the middle of nowhere.  The speed limit on the interstate here is 80 and it is easy to understand - there is nothing to slow you down.  Of course we slowed down, stopped and messed around a lot.  There were mostly very small towns or just a gas station off the interstate.  Van Horn had a little more, but not much.  The road was interesting, though.  We stopped at Ozona to see the Davy Crockett statue and park.  That was interesting, though the town seemed about dried up.  Just before Sonoma we veered off to see the Somoma Caverns.  That was a let down.  One cannot see the caverns at all from above ground.  The only way to see them is on a guided two hours, 2 mile tour.  We both knew we couldn't make two miles of ups and downs through caves so we left.  I just wish I could have at least stuck my head into them.  On to Sonoma which turned out to be truly delightful.  First things first, we had not eaten since breakfast so we had dinner at a local steak house.  We had the absolutely best ribeye steaks we've ever had.  They were large, fork tender and very flavorful.  My vegetables were also steamed to perfection.  Joe wants to go back for steak and eggs in the morning.  It was that good.  Then we drove around this little town and found it to be very historic.  There are dozens of very old large antebellum type houses and lots of memorials to founders.  We stopped at one little store that we could only describe as a local mini version of WalMart.  It was stuffed with everything imaginable.

Here are some pictures from the road:

for many miles the road was black on one lane and white on the other!

Finally, if you know me well you know my quilter's brain is always working.  These last two pictures I took inside the ladies room of a rest stop because of the beautiful tile work and because they are a quilt and a quilt border waiting to happen.

That's all for tonight.  The hotel internet connections have been slow and it is late.  More tomorrow night from San Antonio.

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  1. Very cool pics! I guess that part of Texas has escaped the sub divisions that are abundant in the Austin erea.