Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Top O' the Morning, Lads and Lassies

Happy Saint Patrick's Day to ya! Hope you are wearing your green and planning your corned beef dinner. Don't forget the green beer.

Have you adjusted to Daylight Saving Time yet? I still haven't - adjusted that is. At least my sleep pattern hasn't. I can't seem to get to sleep that hour early and I don't wake up that hour early yet. I'm trying to meet the challenge. We are surely enjoying that extra hour of daylight after dinner though.

It is supposed to be 80 here today! Looks like spring really will be here on Saturday, right along with Joe's big 65th birthday. Of all things, Saturday is also National Quilting Day. I have lots of reasons to celebrate the day. All the trees are budding out, the Ocotillo is blooming with bright orange flowers atop its spiney green stalks, the doves are loving on each other and building nests, and it is wonderful to be outside and enjoy Mother Nature at its best.

Inside, yesterday I went through two more dresser drawers and eliminated about 12 pairs of capris and 10 shirts that were either too tight or barely fitting last summer and are all hanging off me now. They're all in a bag for Angel View thrift store. No more fat lady sizes for me ever again!! Not that I'm thin by any stretch - I'm just not plus sizes anymore! Then I did a little sewing - almost finished the top of a table runner to be my gift for my friendship group birthday party in May. Joe really likes it and wants me to make one like it for us. Only thing is, there was only one yard of fabric and I used it all. I'm sure I will find something similar in this vast stash of mine.

Joe is off to Yucca Valley and trap shooting this morning. It is a great day for it and he enjoys it so much. I'm glad it is available for him. I'll be off the Yucca this afternoon for a few errands.

I made this quilt for the man we call Grandpa a few weeks ago. He is our best friend and one who is always in his garage building something or re-doing something. His wife was the closest thing to a mother I had in my adult years and my dearest friend. I'm going to drop this off to him today. I just know he will love it.

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