Monday, March 15, 2010

A Beautiful High Desert Day!

The temperature climbed to 85 in Palm Desert today. It didn't get that warm here, but we were there and it was beautiful. The entire drive there and back was beautiful - wildflowers are blooming on the sides of the road, green grass and weeds are coming up and the flowers the Mexican gardeners set out in Palm Desert are gorgeous. I saw my otolaryngologist who said my sinuses are looking great. He is such a great doctor. He also said the bronchitis I've had is not viral and prescribed more antibiotics. I'll be over it soon! Even sick, I've been happy and had a great attitude and found positive things every day (like the great corned beef on Saturday). I've just been mad at myself for holding up the trip. I have been able to get lots of extra sewing done, though. Yesterday I finished up a quilt top I had started in a mystery class last month. I went back to the quilt shop today with it to pick out some fabric for the borders. The instructor was there and she loved my setting. I had not liked the quilt the entire time I worked on it, but when I put it together I suddenly loved it and so does Joe. It is ice blue and chocolate brown. Then to another shop to get some green fabric for another project already in progress. In between I've made some blocks for exchange and many other little things. I really am happiest at my sewing machine creating something.

Joe and I really enjoyed the day today. The strawberries we got at Sam's Club are as big as kiwi fruit. I ate half of a package on the drive home. They're so ripe and sweet and juicy. And they have the best rotisserie chickens. That is what we had for dinner when we got home.

We both think we will be more ready for the trip this time. We keep thinking of things we need to do and things to pack and making more lists. It will be so good to head out and stop when we want to and just enjoy every little thing. We are also looking forward to seeing everyone and hoping we won't be a pain in the butt for anyone. I don't think we will be in any one place long enough for that to happen though.

Received our census forms today. Now what if we'd been on the trip already? How much time do they give you to fill them out and mail them in? They ask for information on people living in your house as of April 1. Can we fill it now or do we have to wait until April 1? Just musing to myself. After all the hype and media I've seen about this, there really are only 10 simple questions to answer.

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