Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Beginning of 3 Busy Days

It is the beginning of another sunshine filled day here in the desert and we're going to be busy again. Tomorrow and Saturday are the days for the once every two years big quilt show in Palm Springs, featuring quilts from my quilt guild and two others in the area. This morning I will be taking my quilt down to be hung in the show, along with some of my friends' quilts. I don't expect to win any ribbons or anything. I think my quilt is beautiful, but all of the quilts displayed will be beautiful and there is so much talent in the area. I entered simply to support my guild. Tomorrow I'll be back in Palm Springs to view the show and to work at the show, and again on Saturday. It is a big fund raiser for us and I hope we do well.

Joe and I will also both pick up new glasses while we are in the area today. His prescription totally changed after his cataract surgery. I had to have non-glare added to mine. It will be nice to get them back. Of course we'll include some grocery shopping at Sam's while we are there. They have the absolute best produce around at the best price! Since we eat so differently now, we have to find the best sources for our fresh veggies and berries, and it is Sam's. The commissary is the best for our meat. We don't eat dairy or grain, so that about covers it for us. Our health thanks us for it.

Joe saw his cardiologist on Tuesday and he said he is looking good! He also found out that he only has about a year left on the batteries in his pacemaker. That means it is working really hard, but that is good. It is keeping him going!

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