Sunday, February 28, 2010

Random Thoughts on Happiness

It's Sunday night and I have had a good weekend in spite of a terrible cold. So here are some of my thoughts about this happy life of ours. People are about as happy as they decide to be. If you are looking for a reason to be unhappy, miserable, or mad at someone or the world, you'll find it. If you are looking for a reason to smile and be happy just to be alive, you'll find that too.
I knew last Wednesday that this cold was coming on. I told Dr. Finazzo so and he prescribed Tamiflu and said it should knock it right out. It didn't. Thankfully, I am overall very healthy as of late, so I've managed to continue to function even though this is one nasty cold that is dragging on. Connie and I went to Los Angeles for the filming of the TV show on Thursday. She was getting the cold also. It was a long but very fun day. Friday I had a previously scheduled massage. That was wonderfully relaxing and I managed to nap afterwards. I thought maybe that would knock it out. Saturday morning and Sunday morning it was still here and going strong. Even so, I saw the sun shining when it did shine through the clouds. I worked on some charity projects for the Guild. I listened to an audio mystery book while hand sewing the binding on a quilt, then listened to another while sewing the binding on another quilt. I've cut 12 yards of flannel off a bolt that I have to donate for the youth quilts projects. I've made more adult bib patterns for others to make bibs for the seniors. I've been happy because I decided to be happy and be of service to others while I am feeling lousy myself.
Yesterday it was cloudy and windy and it rained for a while. I could have complained about it, but chose to look for the sunshine. That is what choosing to be happy is all about. Things happen in life. People upset one another. Politics is politics. We don't all agree. Why let it ruin our lives and our attitudes. Life is short. Each day is a gift to enjoy and people are a gift to enjoy and not to argue and be upset with.
Tomorrow is my Quilting Guild meeting day! Even though it is a busy and exhausting day I look forward to it. I look forward to seeing all those ladies I cherish so much. I get and give lots of hugs. Who knows how many of us will be at the next meeting? Many of them are elderly but they keep going and keep producing beautiful quilts and having the times of their lives, always smiling, always happy. They are my inspiration.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Off and Running Again - to Hollywood!

The sun is shining brightly this morning and I'm off and running again. Since I am not a TV watcher I know very little about what is on, but apparently there is a daytime show called "The Doctors". I've never seen it but my friend Connie is a faithful watcher. She has VIP tickets to the filming of it today in Hollywood and is taking me! It should be lots of fun. Our days together are always fun. But it promises to be a very long day.
The roof is finished! A building inspector is supposed to come today and do his routine thing. I see showers are forecasted for the weekend and I'm happy the roof is done. It surely looks nice. The guys cleaned up everything after themselves very well also. We couldn't be more pleased.
Only two weeks before we leave for our great road trip and my list of things to accomplish before then is growing longer and is interspersed with more and more appointments and places I must be. If I accomplish it all, it will make the trip that much sweeter and more relaxing.
What's on your to do list lately? Send your comments.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tuesday's Sewing and Quilting

Yesterday the goal was to get at least 6 adult bibs made. Here they are. I made 3 of each of the ones shown here. These are a total of 35 inches long and double sided, so they take a yard of fabric each (with a strip or two left over for the quilt scrap bin). These are fabrics I had procured from the sew what table at the guild, but still that is 6 yards of fabric outta here! Then I made these two pretty green and white placemats. Each month we make a block of the month by an assigned pattern and take it in to the guild meeting. Everyone who brings one in gets a ticket and numbers are drawn with the winner(s) getting all the blocks. The making of this month's block created scrap triangles and we were challenged to "do" something with them. I put them together into little pinwheel blocks and then designed the placemats using them. What do you think? That's it for yesterday. More sewing this weekend. I have three quilts that need binding and that will be first on my long list.

Another Happy Desert Day

More early morning noise today, but we were prepared this time. The roofing job continues. We continue to be amazed by the professionalism of these guys. Of course the only thing we have for comparison is the sorry a$$ job we had in 1987. The job is almost complete now and it looks wonderful. They should finish today. The painter we've hired will paint the fascia board next Tuesday and Wednesday. Dish Network will be out tomorrow afternoon to reinstall the satellite dishes for Joe. Strange isn't it, that even though he doesn't watch TV much, he has missed it terribly these few days.

I was off to Palm Desert early this morning to see my favorite otolaryngologist, Dr. Finazzo, who performed my sinus surgery just three short weeks ago. He was amazed at how well I am doing. He said I am the best at 3 weeks he has seen yet. I believe it is a combination of his talent and me having my body so healthy now. Must see him one more time before our big road trip.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Early Morning Noise

Today began with lots of noise on the roof, EARLY! This is good because it means the roofers are hard at work. We have needed this new roof so badly for a long time now. This is day two of the work and the weather is much more cooperative today. It is cool but the sun is shining and the wind isn't blowing. We are so glad we went with Home Depot for a real professional installation this time. It is so different from the first re-roofing job we had done in 1987.

We both get to stay home all day today. I am working on some adult bibs for the Senior Outreach program through my Quilt Guild. I am chairman of this program and I found out yesterday that they need these badly. I hope to get at least 6 done and perhaps a small quilt for them. We'll see. I'll have to wait until I go to Palm Desert tomorrow and stop at Joann's for Velcro to finish them the closing of them.

Joe isn't feeling well. Still has a cold so he'll be resting most of the day.