Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tuesday's Sewing and Quilting

Yesterday the goal was to get at least 6 adult bibs made. Here they are. I made 3 of each of the ones shown here. These are a total of 35 inches long and double sided, so they take a yard of fabric each (with a strip or two left over for the quilt scrap bin). These are fabrics I had procured from the sew what table at the guild, but still that is 6 yards of fabric outta here! Then I made these two pretty green and white placemats. Each month we make a block of the month by an assigned pattern and take it in to the guild meeting. Everyone who brings one in gets a ticket and numbers are drawn with the winner(s) getting all the blocks. The making of this month's block created scrap triangles and we were challenged to "do" something with them. I put them together into little pinwheel blocks and then designed the placemats using them. What do you think? That's it for yesterday. More sewing this weekend. I have three quilts that need binding and that will be first on my long list.

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