Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Another Happy Desert Day

More early morning noise today, but we were prepared this time. The roofing job continues. We continue to be amazed by the professionalism of these guys. Of course the only thing we have for comparison is the sorry a$$ job we had in 1987. The job is almost complete now and it looks wonderful. They should finish today. The painter we've hired will paint the fascia board next Tuesday and Wednesday. Dish Network will be out tomorrow afternoon to reinstall the satellite dishes for Joe. Strange isn't it, that even though he doesn't watch TV much, he has missed it terribly these few days.

I was off to Palm Desert early this morning to see my favorite otolaryngologist, Dr. Finazzo, who performed my sinus surgery just three short weeks ago. He was amazed at how well I am doing. He said I am the best at 3 weeks he has seen yet. I believe it is a combination of his talent and me having my body so healthy now. Must see him one more time before our big road trip.

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