Thursday, February 25, 2010

Off and Running Again - to Hollywood!

The sun is shining brightly this morning and I'm off and running again. Since I am not a TV watcher I know very little about what is on, but apparently there is a daytime show called "The Doctors". I've never seen it but my friend Connie is a faithful watcher. She has VIP tickets to the filming of it today in Hollywood and is taking me! It should be lots of fun. Our days together are always fun. But it promises to be a very long day.
The roof is finished! A building inspector is supposed to come today and do his routine thing. I see showers are forecasted for the weekend and I'm happy the roof is done. It surely looks nice. The guys cleaned up everything after themselves very well also. We couldn't be more pleased.
Only two weeks before we leave for our great road trip and my list of things to accomplish before then is growing longer and is interspersed with more and more appointments and places I must be. If I accomplish it all, it will make the trip that much sweeter and more relaxing.
What's on your to do list lately? Send your comments.

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