Sunday, March 28, 2010

El Paso, Texas

Today was a real adventure.  We crossed the continental divide and the Rio Grande River, and drove through as much of New Mexico as we are going to.  Yesterday we noticed pecan trees around Tombstone, Arizona, and thought that odd.  Today we saw large pecan orchards all over the place in New Mexico.  We stopped in Bowie, NM, site of Fort Bowie where Geronimo was captured and held.  While there we visited a pecan shop and purchased shelled pecans.  They are so very moist and delicious.  There were train tracks following the highway all through New Mexico and we think a lot of pecans must be shipped out that way. 

After we left Las Cruces this afternoon we saw some of the largest beef feed lots we have ever seen in our lives.  There were thousands of cattle on lot after lot!

Coming into El Paso we crossed the Rio Grande again and could see Juarez, Mexico to the south.  Joe was tired today and almost nothing was open because it is Sunday so we checked into the hotel early and he took a nap.  I checked into WalMart for some forgotten toiletries and some salad fixins for dinner.  Tomorrow we start on the long journey across Texas.  There are no pictures today.  Most of the interesting things were on the highway as we were cruising and were difficult to photograph.  We've now lost two hours since we left home.  So we only have one more time zone to go!

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