Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sunday, Sunday

It is going to rain any moment now. There is no sunshine except in our mind. It is really cool and it is snowing in the mountains and the snow is expected to reach down to Yucca Valley tonight. I have accepted the fact that I am really sick with this cold - much sicker than a person should be with just a cold. I stayed in most of yesterday and I started taking capsules full of Thieves Oil every three hours. I think it is helping. We are on the countdown to the big road trip and have to start organizing and getting ready.

The quilt show was a big success! Turnout was great. I enjoyed volunteering for a few hours and meeting enthusiastic people. The quilts displayed were fantastic. The vendors were okay. I only bought one yard of fabric and only because it was unusual and I haven't seen it before. This is my quilt that was in the show. The quilting on it is incredible, but it doesn't show up well in this picture. I had some nice comments on it and one lady wanted the pattern.
My sister Donna left a message on Friday saying they are home from Chile and that they were pretty much in the thick of things when the earthquake happened. I've tried to call her back but haven't reached her yet. I am glad she is home and can't wait to talk with her. I guess that is one vacation they will never ever forget. Went to bed happy last night because I got to talk with Jody for a while. He sounded good and next Friday night we get to see him. That will surely start our trip out marvelously.
Today I must work on getting well and getting ready. The lists are growing.

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