Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Still Sick but Planning

Ick! I'm still very sick. This is not good. The wheezing and rattling are still there. At least the sun is shining today. Yesterday the wind tried to blow us away. It is still blowing a little today, but not nearly so badly. I suspect it is hitting Arizona pretty badly today. Hope Jody and Renata are anchored down. Joe has gone to the range to shoot trap. Whether he actually shoots or not remains to be seen. I haven't done much but sit around and cough and try to sleep and cough and drink more water and cough and, just cough.

We have now decided to try to leave on March 26th, so everything will be two weeks behind our original plans. I plan on feeling great by then and enjoying every moment of this much anticipated trip. It should be warmer by then but still not too hot to enjoy the trip. We still hope to be able to spend time with all our friends and relatives, but ya'll will have to follow this blog to see where we are and what our anticipated schedule is. Sorry, but as you can now understand, we just can't put exact dates on where we will be when. We never know when we may require an extra day or two of rest along the way and we want to be able to do that if necessary.

Interesting quilting tidbit for today: If you have stayed in any hotels in the last couple of years you've probably noticed they are tending to make the beds with duvets and a colorful narrow strip of fabric across the end of the bed instead of a full bedspread. I just received a new quilting book yesterday on making bed runners. That is what they are calling these strips of fabric for putting across the end of the bed. They are approximately 30" deep and as wide as the bedding. The book has ten beautiful patterns and I may try a couple someday soon.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention, I heard from my only nephew last week. (My father only had two grandchildren, Jody and Barry.) Barry and his beautiful wife Laura, who live in Charlotte, had announced at Christmas that they are expecting their first baby in July. Barry wrote to say it is a girl and they were wondering if I might like to make a quilt for her. Of course I responded immediately inquiring as to colors and styles desired. That will be among my first projects when we return from this trip. They want totally girly girl pink and roses! I can hardly wait to design and begin it.

On the agenda today is trying to straighten up the house a little and more rest. Joe has been so good about keeping everything up for me while I am sick. I should at least pick up things for him while he is out this morning.

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