Saturday, March 13, 2010

A Tiny Bit Better ??

At least I am hopeful that I will feel better. The codeine in the cough syrup caused a fitful night's sleep for me, but I believe I am getting slightly better. I have sewed a little bit (because I can't sit still and do nothing) and got my nails done today. Oh, and I also posted a couple of messages on facebook just to bug one of my friends. Joe and I went to the supermarket early this morning to get corned beef because it was the first day they had it available and on sale. We got four packages and put three in the freezer. One is still cooking with the on sale cabbages and we are having it for dinner in a few minutes. It smells divine!
See this picture. Look at it closely and you will see guns along with cowboy boots and other items from the old west. It is a pillowcase I made today for my favorite gunslinger. I couldn't believe I actually found fabric with guns on it! The fabric on the cuff is of old badges. It is a Buffalo Bill fabric line and I've some fabric left to go in a quilt. You know that when I saw it I had to have it for Joe. I also wanted to test out the instructions for the 20-minute pillowcase and it came out perfect and done in 20 minutes. My quilt guild is going to make lots of these in bright colorful fabrics for the charities we support. They are quick, easy, fun and will cheer up a lot of invalids. I have lots of fabric to donate to the cause.
Surely wish we were in Arizona tonight at the end of day two of our trip. But I see the need for more rest and recuperation and in two weeks we'll be there.

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