Monday, March 1, 2010

Another Happy Monday at Quilt Guild

Today was a really good day even before I got to the guild meeting. My sweet brother Larry called this morning and we talked for quite a while. I can hardly wait to see him later this month. I need some little brother hugs.
The guild meeting was great! I won 14 green and white blocks in the block of the month drawing! 12 are enough to make a nice size quilt and the other two will find their way into something else.

I also showed my small quilt that I made at the guild workshop last month. It was the mystery quilt, made in one day, and then borders added, quilted and bound in another day at home. Everyone liked the colors of green and chocolate. Now I've hung it in the hallway for the month of March.
Tonight I am tired, a happy tired. I just soaked in the spa and I'm taking this cold to bed and telling it to be gone in the morning.

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