Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Weekend in South Georgia

Yea, I know, 'bout time for an update.  We arrived in Hazlehurst, Georgia, on Friday afternoon and were so happy to see Aunt Eunice and the rest of the family as they came by that night, Saturday and today.  We've had no internet connection except when we visit one of the cousins, which we are doing now.  We are out at Betty's place on the lake right now.  It is a beautiful day today.  When we leave here we are heading to Phil's for a cookout.  Aunt Eunice has treated us like her own children and she says we are like her own.  She is certainly the only mother we have left.  Phil and Joe have been going turkey hunting and this morning Phil got one.  Tomorrow is Joe's turn.  He is pretty tired from getting up early to go hunting and then going hunting again at night until late.  Tomorrow we are letting him sleep in half the day and he'll be ready for the turkeys when Phil gets off work.  Here are a couple of pictures of todays turkey.

In the first picture that is Betty's son, KJ, with Phil.  He is growing up so fast.  Here is one of Aunt Eunice.  She is aging and it seems to me to be the first time I've ever seen her slowing down.

We're having fun visiting everyone and spending time with each one.  I went out to Evelyn's last night while Joe was hunting.  I could have taken one of her cats home with me.  Oh, and she gave me a great bottle of sweet red wine.

This internet connection is slow so I won't post more pics right now.  We are planning to leave on Tuesday for Atlanta and look forward to seeing Charles and Judy.

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