Saturday, April 24, 2010

In the Land of Oz

Kansas is NOT flat!  It is beautiful rolling hills with wide open, gigantic farms and neat farm houses and out buildings.  Everything appears very pristine.  We think it is prettier than Missouri, which also has beautiful rolling hills.  In Missouri every farm seems to have its own little pond or lake and many of the farmers were fishing when we drove through.  We also had our first and only rain in Missouri.  It rained all night long! 

Seeing the arch in St. Louis was another one of those dreams come true for us.  I couldn't stop smiling.  It is truly beautiful.  Driving through Kansas City was also beautiful and passing by Fort Leavenworth was interesting.  We've made several stops along the way when it wasn't raining.  (We don't like being out in the rain unless it is in the desert). 

I didn't realize how tired I would be from the quilt show.  I'm not used to being on my feet for long days and carrying bags a good portion of those days.  My entire body aches.   My brain thinks my body is still 25, but my body keeps reminding my brain that it isn't.  My brain is still reveling in the wonderful quilts and goodies from the show and my body is saying give me time to catch up to you, happy brain.

We should make the eastern edge of Colorado tonight.  We've had a good night's sleep.  Joe is getting anxious to be home now.  I'm still enjoying every minute of scenery and sights of the USA.  He is too, but he is just very tired.  He'll sleep for the first week when we get home and that's okay.  This trip has meant the world to both of us but it has also been a strain on him.  We're both so grateful for each other and for being able to make this great trip together.

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