Sunday, April 18, 2010

Lexington, KY

Ah, the mountains of Kentucky are beautiful!  We had a slow and leisurely day today from Knoxville, TN, to Lexington, KY, via many small towns and artsy, craftsy places.  The mountains and rolling hills are so gorgeous.  So are the small towns.  In one small town just south of here we stopped looking for an arts and crafts building and looked up and were parked right in front of a small quilt shop!  You know I had to go in and support the local economy there.

I am really anxious to get to Paducah now.  We'll be there on Tuesday and the show starts on Wednesday!  In the meantime we are just enjoying the leisurely pace from here to there.

I promised pictures, so here they are:

This is Tripp and Murphy, two beautiful Labrador Retreivers who live in Gainesville, Florida and own the next two people, Donna Beach, my wonderful sister, and David Beach, my handsome brother in law.

This is the  cutest dog that ever walked!  He is Jake and he lives in Fernandina Beach Florida and owns my brother Larry Pierce.  When I was there, he pretty much owned me and my heart too.

My handsome brother Larry:

The backyard bird sanctuary of Charles and Judy Yawn in Duluth, Georgia.  This is such a beautiful, peaceful place.  It is a vacation spot in its own right.

Three of the Yawn siblings, Joe, Charles, and Bonnie

The fourth Yawn sibling, baby sister Gail, with her baby, Mallory.  (taken in Gail's home in North, South Carolina)

Joe, Kurt (Gail's son in law and April's husband), and Johnny Corley, Gail's husband
Brian and Mallory Baldwin, Gail's youngest daughter and her husband
Jacob, April and Kurt's son

Barry and Laura Pierce, my only nephew and wife with soon to be born Delainey Rose.  Barry is Larry's son.

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