Sunday, April 18, 2010

Catching Up in Knoxville, TN

This shall be an attempt to catch up.  It will probably also be random thoughts.  So, it's Sunday I think, and we spent last night in Knoxville, TN, in a so-so Marriott hotel.  Amazing the differences in what $100 will get you from town to town and hotel to hotel.  In Charlotte we had a wonderful 3 room suite at the Hyatt for the same price we have a tiny little room here.  But we had non-existent internet connection in Charlotte and fast, wonderful connections here.  And this room in decorated in black and white and lime green with a touch of orange - I see the color scheme for a new quilt!

Backtracking a bit now, we've had a great time for two weeks visiting relatives in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina and are now headed to Paducah, KY, and then westward and California.  At Aunt Eunice's in Hazlehurst, GA, we had time with each of the cousins and enjoyed them very much.  It was hard to leave them all.  I know Aunt Eunice is lonesome without us.  From there we went to Duluth, GA, just north of Atlanta, to visit with Joe's brother Charles and his wife Judy.  His sister Bonnie was there also.  We had a grand time there in their beautiful home and back yard.  I think the two boys had the best time visiting that they've ever had.  We all laughed a lot and had lots of fun.  Charles's hobby is wood turning and carving and he has wonderful wooden objects all over the house.  He is quite accomplished at it and has promised me some items.  Bonnie is doing amazingly well after having had a brain tumor removed 3 weeks ago.  It was difficult leaving them.  They were so accomodating and we felt so at home and at peace.  We got lots of rest while with them.  On Thursday (Tax Day) we drove on to North, SC, a small area just south of Columbia, SC, and the home of Joe's sister Gail and her husband Johnny, and her oldest daughter April and her family.  We had a wonderful visit with them in their nice homes and a terrific meal.  All of her children and grandchildren except one were there for dinner and it was a fun time.  We spent the night in April's guest house behind her lovely house in a beautiful wooded area.  She has two teenagers and I can just see the parties going on in that guest house!  It was so comfortable and furnished so well, with an outdoor hunter theme for her husband Kurt who is quite the hunter.  On Friday we stopped to see April's flower shop before heading on to Charlotte, NC.  In Charlotte we had dinner with my nephew Barry and his wife Laura.  They are expecting their first baby on July 2.  Laura looked beautiful, as did Barry.  We had a terrific visit with them and wish we'd have had more time.  They brought a large album of wedding pictures from the wedding almost 2 years ago which we didn't get to attend.  Now I almost feel as if we were there.  By the way, my brother Larry (Barry's father) was totally handsome at that wedding!  Delainey Rose Pierce is destined to be a beautiful baby when she arrives.  And yes, she will have pink quilts waiting for her.

We left Charlotte on Saturday morning for a short drive to Knoxville and it ended up being a long drive.  I-40 through the mountains was closed due to rock slides and we were detoured over 100 miles out of the way.  But it was a beautiful drive through the mountains, which were resplendant with green and flowering trees.  The little mountain communities  all appeared so quaint to us and we had trouble keeping our eyes on the road.  We stopped many times to enjoy the scenery.  When we arrived here we had a nice dinner and an early bedtime.  Joe is still sleeping this morning as I'm writing this, but it is time to get him moving.

I've pictures but haven't had time to edit them yet- maybe tonight.  We've a relatively short drive today to Lexington, KY, so if the internet connection there is good I'll try to get some pictures up.

Happy Sunday, Everyone!

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