Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I'm here!  Quilt City, USA.  We arrived around noon today and spent a couple of hours in the American National Quilt Museum.  All I can say is "Oh my God!"  The work there represents some of the best in the country, both contemporary and antique and it is all incredible.  Of course they won't let you take any pictures but they are ingrained in my mind.  Joe even enjoyed them.  I got some really cool new quilting tee shirts there and a few other things.  This town is full of quilters from end to end and beyond.  The show itself starts tomorrow morning.  After the museum we had a late lunch and then made a lengthy stop at Hancocks of Paducah- THE quilt store.  I'd heard legendary stories about the store during the week of the quilt show.  I was not disappointed!  The back room of the warehouse was open and was filled with bolt ends of new fabrics in one yard lengths.  After I filled a cart with those I discovered more tables of one yard batik bolt ends.  Both Hancocks and American Express are happy with me tonight and I am happy with me for getting so many gorgeous new fabrics at great prices.  Then they had the nerve to tell me to stop by again tomorrow because they put out new fabrics every night.  As it was, someone had to carry my bags to the car for me!

Tonight we are at a wonderful hotel in the home of Superman - Metropolis, IL.  This is our first time to visit this state.  It is green and lush so far and is on the river.  We are at Harrah's hotel and casino for two nights.  I blew my $20 at the casino pretty quickly and decided I'd rather have fabric than gamble any more.  Joe is pretty tired and travel weary.  I think he will rest most of tomorrow while I attend the show.  I'm a little tired but too happy and too psyched to totally relax.  When we leave here it will probably hit me all at once.  Right now I am one happy quilter girl!

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