Thursday, April 22, 2010

Incredible AQS Quilt Show!!

The is simply no way to describe the American Quilters' Society Quilt Show, but I will try.  I've been to many quilt shows in my quilting years, but all pale compared to this one.  These are the big money quilts and the big talent quilts.  Ther are quilts here from all over the world, with many from Japan.  Most of the quilts displayed took a year or more of constant, dedicated hand work to accomplish.  I am not really into applique but I appreciate its beauty and recognize the tedious and time consuming work it requires.  So many of the full size quilts here are covered in hand applique.  Many also feature lots and lots of thread work.  There was so much to absorb and it was so crowded.  I purchased a CD of pictures of the entire show and also a program guide so I can study it all at my leisure.  I know for certain that I'll never have a quilt here.  I'm just happy that I could be here to see all of this talent!  Oh, the shopping was pretty good too.  There were lots and lots of vendors.  Some had new things I had to have.  There were some vendors from Southern California who recognized me and it was nice to see them.  Joe had a good shopping day at the local sporting goods stores.  We both simply collapsed last night into a very tired and restful sleep.

Here are a couple of pictures I took before the battery died on my camera.  In my excitement I had forgotten to recharge it.

A blue ribbon winner.  All hand applique.
This one was called "Honey, I'm Home" and is much larger than the picture.    All hand stitched.
Machine stitched, oh the matching and the wonderful effects of the fabric.

Gale in front of a poster of downtown Paducah
The carpet in the hallway of Harrah's Hotel and Casino in Metropolis, IL.  This is where we spent two nights.  Almost every hotel we've stayed in has had quilt patterns on the floor if one takes time to notice.

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