Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter in Florida

Happy Easter, Everyone.  We are in Gainesville, Florida, with my sister Donna and brother in law David.  We arrived late yesterday and the weather is beautiful.  I have no pictures from the last two days.  For some reason the camera wasn't working properly and the pictures I took just aren't worth printing (probably operator malfunction).  We left Slidell, LA, on Friday morning and made it to Panama City, Florida, Friday night.  We had breakfast in Slidell at Cracker Barrel and let me tell you, that is the southern capital of "stout" folks.  They had to have those chairs reinforced.  I felt really badly for some of those folks who could barely walk.  Anyway, eastward we headed and when we could we stopped on the beach because Joe wanted to put his toe in the Gulf of Mexico.  Gale did, too. The beaches in Mississippi were beautiful white sandy beaches and very clean and not crowded.  When we got to Biloxi I insisted on stopping at a casino so I could gamble away $20.00.  In ten minutes I had $50.00 and decided that was a good time to stop.  Onward we rolled through Pascagoula and then Mobile, Alabama, and on down to Pensacola, Florida.  There we took highway 98 through Gulf Breeze, Fort Walton Beach, Destin, and on down to Panama City.  Trust me when I tell you it was not the highway to be on on Good Friday afternoon.  But we made it to our hotel in Panama City and good dinner and then collapsed for the night.

We started the next morning at a very nice quilt shop in Panama City, FL, where I picked up a piece of fabric to be used in a quilt for my unborn great neice Delainey Rose Pierce.  Then we stayed on 98 all the way over to Perry.  We went through some great little beach towns and the sides of the highways were a real treat with plentiful wild flowers blooming all the way.

Needless to say we were tired and happy to arrive in Gainesville.  We were treated to a wonderful dinner, great company, hot tub, margaritas, and our own suite with internet connection!  What more could anyone ask for.

Joe got to sleep in until after noon today so he is happy.  I've caught up on laundry and we are having a leisurely day and enjoying it to the max.

Great to hear that Joe's sister Bonnie is doing so well and was released to home.  God does answer prayers.

Thanks for the comments and emails.  If ya'll are reading this and like it, let me know either with a comment or you can always email me.  I do like to know that someone is out there.

Will be here for a couple of days and will update again later.

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