Sunday, April 25, 2010

Cold Colorado

We spent the night in Limon, Colorado.  It is about 100 miles southeast of Denver and it is as cold as I ever want to be.  I am very thankful that we selected a nice hotel (Well, the nicest one in this little rural town - Holiday Inn Express) because the cheap ones would have been freezing all night long.  The second half of Kansas became more and more cold and windy yesterday as we drove along.  Stopping to see things was difficult because of the cold wind.  Driving was a struggle because it was directly into the wind and mostly gaining altitude.  However, Kansas was still lovely and so far Colorado is also.  The farms are still large, wide open spaces of rolling hills.  We also saw lots of oil pumps.  The silos and grain storage are the largest I've ever seen.  From a distance they look like large high rise buildings in a city!  Each little commuity seems to have a quaint and beautiful church with a tall steeple that can be seen from the Interstate.  Throughout Kansas we saw a lot of fence posts, then buildings and other items made from a unique kind of stone called fence post limestone.  Here are a couple of pictures of it.

We did stop a few times, but it was just too cold to enjoy anything.  Without the wind it probably would have been fine.  Our desert blood is pretty thin.  When we see weather reports for the rest of the country, we are not complaining.  We're just happy to be where we are!  It seems we left the south and the Kentucky/Illinois/Missouri area just in time.  We know the drive today is going to be cold also and it is raining right now in Denver.  We are hoping to make Grand Junction, Colorado by tonight.  That will keep us on schedule to arrive home on Wednesday night.  I know there is a lot to see today as it is a very scenic route.

Hope everyone is having a terrific day whenever  you are reading this.  My horoscope on facebook this morning was a great philosophy.  It said the sure way to predict your future is to invent it.  That is what I am doing and a worthy goal for everyone.

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