Monday, April 19, 2010

Another Day in Kentucky

It has been a breathtakingly beautiful day in Kentucky.  When we left Lexington this morning we traveled past gorgeous horse ranches with rolling hills and white fences filled with thoroughbreds.  We passed by a racing track and some of the most beautiful houses and landscaping.  The gorgeous scenery continued all day as we drove over to Elizabeth and then down to Bowling Green before coming over to Hopkinsville.  Just before Bowling Green we stopped at a cave museum and learned about Mammoth Cave and the many other caves in the area.  We would have loved to explore some of them but Joe just cannot walk long enough to do it.

Among some of the interesting things we saw today - very large barns painted black, restaurants with smoking sections, very large houses, and one two-story mobile home!  We are at a nice Holiday Inn tonight with a hot tub so I'll post a few pictures and go soak my tired old bones.

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