Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Laid back days in Duluth, GA

Yesterday we arrived at Joe's brother Charles and his wife Judy's home in Duluth, GA, just north of Atlanta.  His sister Bonnie is also here.  This house and yard are a vacation in itself.  The back yard is a bird sanctuary and I could just sit on the enclosed porch and watch the birds all day.  There are cardinals among others and those are my favorite birds.  The trip here was uneventful except for when the hen turkey flew across the road right in front of us just north of Macon.  The scenery was beautiful.  I didn't know there were so many colors, shades, and values of green on this earth as there are in the trees along the interstate from Macon to Atlanta.

We had a great time with Charles, Judy, and Bonnie last night and so far today.  Charles took me to a small quilt store where I found some great new fabric.  He and Joe are now gone gun store hopping.  I hope they find something good.  It is nice to just relax and sew a little, read a little, compute a little and watch the birds a lot.  Tomorrow afternoon we will be going to Columbia, SC, to visit for one night with Gail and her family. 

Charles doesn't have a router on his computer so there are no pictures.  I have lots, but don't want to upload them to his computer.  I'll post some later when we have a wifi connection.

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