Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Two Days in Heaven!

On Sunday, April 25, we spent the day as close to God as we'll ever get in this lifetime.  When we left Limon, Colorado, we headed to Denver and the scenery remained pretty with expansive farms.  We saw an antelope on two occasions, a herd of about 12 deer, and even a wild turkey out in the fields.  Even though we'd been through Denver before we were really struck this time with the expansiveness of it.  Because it was Sunday morning the traffic was light and we were through the mile high city easily and quickly and on our way to Vail.  This is when everything else we'd ever seen in our lives became nothing!  We climbed higher and higher until we were driving at one time at 10,667 feet.  It was snowing lightly and the snow was swirling and lightly blowing across the road.  The evergreens were frosted with snow.  The awesome beauty took our breath away.  This is something everyone needs to experience at least once in their life.  Without further description, I'll just post some pictures for you to enjoy.  Enlarge them and marvel in the beauty!

A tunnel through the mountain before we hit the snow.

The Colorado River after the snow.

When I thought it couldn't get any better, it did!  Monday we drove from Grand Junction, Colorado, to the end of I-70 and on down I-15 to Cedar City.  I was totally speechless as we went on and on through the rock formations, mountains, buttes, valleys, etc., created by millions of years of water running through and over the land.  I was so awestruck first by the creations and second by our ability to drive through it on a great interstate highway and take in all the beauty.  The mountains and buttes looked like castles carved out of the rock.  At times I thought I must be in the middle of some giant movie set.  Then I found myself asking why it has taken 64 years of my life to get here and see this. I'll never forget it nor ever get over it.  There are no pictures to begin to do justice to what we saw yesterday.  It was difficult to photograph while riding and it was more difficult to photograph when I just wanted to drink in every second with my own eyes.

I found myself thinking surely there is no place in the entire world more beautiful and more awesome than these United States!  I've traveled to a lot of other countries and some of you reading this have been to many more than I, but I just couldn't be happier than I am right now!  This has been the trip of a lifetime.  Someday Came!!!

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