Thursday, May 6, 2010

It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

I feel like I am among the living again!  Almost everything is put away from the trip.  The weather here is gorgeous even while other parts of the country have been suffering.  We had winds but they are gone now.  We have much for which to be thankful, and we are.

Monday was my quilt guild meeting.  I always love the meetings and visiting with the ladies, but am getting a little tired of it being so cold in the meeting room.  I understand some of the ladies being hot, but I think 75% of us were really very cold on Monday.  The speaker was an expert on applique, which is not my thing.  I've mentioned before that I am chairperson for the Senior Outreach Program and I am just overwhelmed with the kindness and outpouring of our members.  I collected lots of adult bibs, walker totes, lap robes, and pillowcases on Monday that members have made of their own fabrics and on their own time.

Yesterday my friendship group met and we had a good time.  I worked a little more on my English paper piecing.  Some of the ladies were making the dammit dolls for hospice, only they officially call them slammit dolls.  I won one at the guild meeting on Monday and they are quite cute and useful when you just want to smack something or someone. (Not that I'd ever want to do that)

Joe went to the range yesterday and had a good day of shooting.  He came home happy!

My new "stitching computer" has arrived!  My beautiful Bernina 820 arrived Tuesday afternoon.  I unpacked it yesterday and managed to thread it and sew a little bit.  There is a lot to learn about it and I'm going to try to take a few classes on it, but have to travel to do that.  I can't wait to just get to sewing with it.  I keep dreaming of quilts and quilted items.  I'm making myself reorganize my sewing space a little before I spend much time with it because I know I function much better when things around me are organized.

Looking forward to a quiet weekend and lots of sewing and maybe time to work on my computer some.  I need to save all my files in an acceptable form on the external hard drive so I can then get a new computer and transfer them.  My wonderfully knowledgeable son has advised me and I've decided on the insides of the new computer I want but am waiting to order it when I have time to devote to it. 

I thought retirement meant leisure time!  Not around here, it doesn't.  I'm always busy and I like it that way!

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