Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Busy, Busy Day

I had sort of planned to stay in bed and rest today but it turned out to be a day that I was full of energy instead.  I made a list when I got up and stuck with it and polished it off and lots more.

The weather is so beautiful right now that I decided it was time to tackle that much put off  job of the garage.  It will take months, maybe even years, to get it done, but a girl's gotta start somewhere.  Now tell me why did I ever think I needed to save 273 shipping boxes of various sizes and at least half that much packing air pockets and bubble wrap?  I dunno.  But they are outta there now - all broken down and in the recycle and trash cans.  The back of the truck is filled with the first load to take to the donation place also.  All of that and I can see the first few feet into the garage.  A box a day and I'll have it clear by next May Day. 

I also backed up a lot of files on my computer today onto my new external hard drive.  I don't really know what I need to back up and what Carbonite will have for me, but I'm trying.

Then I watched the video twice more for my new sewing computer.  I've cut strips and will sew them together tomorrow as I experiment with it.  I called the local dealer (Redlands) and I can't get into an instruction class until June 1.  Now you know I can't wait that long to start using it.  I'll have to learn the old fashioned way - with instruction book in hand.

Joe got to play with his new power washer today.  He washed the car and said it worked great.  Before that he washed the kitchen blind after he repaired it.  It is always hard to get clean because of the greasy dust that settles on it and it looks like new now.  I think the power washer will be well worth the money for my honey.  He is really working on his new Sweet Sixteen shotgun, refinishing the stock to a nice dark walnut color.  It is coming along nicely.

It has been a day of accomplishments for us and we should sleep well tonight.

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