Sunday, May 23, 2010

I'm Still Here!

Don't give up on me.  I'll do better.  I just have had blogger's apathy the last week or so.  That and not feeling good and having a slow computer have kept me away from the blog.

The good news is Dell has finished building my new computer and has shipped it!  It should arrive on Thursday so I can spend all of next weekend getting everything transferred to it and learning more about Windows 7!  I can hardly wait, as I am certain this old one is on its last leg.

It has been cool and windy here and today beats all I've ever seen in May.  At noon it was raining sparsely and was 54.  Yes - 54!  I think it is up to 64 now with the wind still blowing.  All I can say is thank God for global warming because without it we'd be freezing to death!  This is the desert, isn't it.

On Tuesday I go for allergy testing - lots and lots of drops of stuff up and down my arms.  In the meantime, for the last week I haven't been able to take any of the 3 prescription allergy drugs that I usually use and have for years.  Can you say swollen face, crusty eyes, clogged nose, trouble breathing?  Yep, all of the aforementioned and more.  Of course she will probably tell me I'm allergic to sand, or dust, or maybe even cotton fabric and sewing machines.  Whatever the allergies are I'll be happy to take shots for them because nothing else has worked.  Plus, this is the worst spring ever for pollen.  Even Jody said he can't talk because the allergies have caused so much drainage into his throat that his voice is gone.

In the meantime, I've been sewing and playing with fabric.  I need to take some pictures, but haven't yet.  I did get these pictures of the apron and basket I made for my friendship group's brithday party.  We call ourselves "Hot Needles" and every May we have a party and potluck to celebrate all of our birthdays.  We also bring handmade gifts to exchange.  We do the exchange by picking a number and choosing gifts in numerical order, being able to steal a previously chosen gift if you like it.  It is always lots of fun.  My gift was well received and exchanged a few times.  What I received was a gorgeous set of 6 placemats with napkins.  Plus, I received a special gift of a beaded bracelet of gold beads!  I've wanted a beaded bracelet from this particular friend forever.  I am cherishing this one.  This picture is of most of the members of the group.  The redhead standing behind me is Connie, by best friend.

Yesterday I made two little aprons for a friend's church's missionary group.  They go to Peru every year and they take aprons to the ladies there.  They report that the ladies cherish them and even bring them back to show to them year after year.  I've also been working on a precious pink and  mint green baby quilt for a little unborn princess.  It is still not together yet, but coming along.

Joe is having a lot of bad days lately.  When he does I just let him sleep.  But I know he needs to be up and about also so I try to keep a balance in his life.  What else can I do.  He keeps working on his guns and he loves it.  He also does a lot of the housework, for which I am grateful because it gives me more time to sew, sew, sew.

The cleaning out has been halted by my allergies.  I'll get back to it but right now it's about all I can do to deal with the allergies indoors without adding the garage to it. 

Now, I've written a book.  Maybe I'll keep up a little more frequently in more short bursts.  I'll try.  Hope you all are having a great day wherever you are.

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