Saturday, December 17, 2011

Smiling on a cloudy day

I  shampooed my hair myself, alone, at the kitchen sink this morning!  Then I even bathed myself with this one hand and I feel so much better. I even blow dryed my hair.

It is cool and very cloudy this morning.  It feels like winter.  Last night a package of gifts arrived from Jody and Renata and it finally feels a little bit like Christmas.   When Joe woke up this morning he was smiling!  That was so nice to see.  Then he said he wants to do a little shopping online.  Surprise!  We agreed no more gifts              this year because he already got me the diamond hoop earrings I've dreamed of for years and I took him to see Riverdance's farewell performance at the McCallum Theatre.  But now he is so happy that he has made it through this and is home that he wants gifts under the tree and surprises.  What he doesn't know is that he has some surprises.  I just can't wrap them very well with one hand.

This posting was just interrupted by a nice long telephone visit with my sweet sister in Florida.  She seemed to know that I needed to talk. She and David are really into Christmas this year and she sounds so happy.

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